Tuesday, March 29, 2011

indulge, relax, enjoy....

These are from January, we celebrated a friend's birthday with long lunch at Hickory's Run. Actually, we had such a good time that we went back again for another birthday lunch a fortnight after the first one.
The food was delicious, the atmosphere relaxed & the coffee wonderful (these photos are from our second visit - I forgot the camera first time round!)

potato spun prawns, pizza (not pictured), 'overseer's long lunch' - cheese, olives, fruit, crackers

cheesecake with quandong, muntrie mud cake, quandong tart, bush tucker icecream (not pictured)

& of course, coffee...

hopefully we'll find an excuse to visit again :)

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  1. ooh i love the type in the indulge, relax, enjoy sign!

    and everything looks scrumptious.


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