Sunday, December 19, 2010

hair today, gone tomorrow...

...ah, sorry for the lame title, it's all I could think of  0_o

So, anyway, last week I got my hair cut:

IMG_5394 ed

I've had it this short before, but not for ages - I think the last time was 2007. Every now & then I just get sick of my long hair & get it cut.

Before: anything I've ever felt before...


I'm rather pleased with the result & getting used to washing short hair again - it's always so weird the first time :)


  1. Hey really good look - suits you!

  2. wow dramatic change! it suits you well :)

  3. Love your new cut! Yes, it is hard to get used to it the first few days.

  4. oh my goodness!! (yeah, I'm slow at catching up on things!)

    I loved your hair long, but this is nice too :)


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