Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Melbourne workshops...

I'm back from Melbourne, tired but happy. Really loved the workshops I did with Hadar Jacobson. In the first (on Friday) we made a hollow bead/pendant/earrings (those are my earrings, in the photo above) & then we learnt Hadar's technique for getting the beautiful 'satin' finish.

The second workshop included both Saturday & Sunday. On saturday, we learnt to mix Hadar's copper clay (you buy it in powder form) before using some to make a piece to be combined with pmc. The above photo shows my silver & copper pendant. I made the copper ring on saturday & it, along with the other copper (or bronze) pieces was fired over night. On sunday I added pmc to make the outer silver ring, which I them fired with a torch, before finishing it in the same way as the earrings.

The pendant above combines bronze & copper clay...a bronze base, with a deep texture (from one of my stamps), which are then filled with copped clay. This piece still needs sanding & polishing.

I'm really pleased with the pieces I made & more importantly, I learnt a lot. I have plans for many new pieces over the coming weeks/months, so watch this space :)

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  1. This is really interesting vicki. I like your pics too, lovely, elegant simplicity.


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