Tuesday, January 22, 2013

pictures of pictures...

When I did my mega clean-up late last year, I was reminded of some the art work I have waiting for frames. Along with several larger pieces (which I must measure, so I can find some nice frames), I had a little packet of prints from 74 Lime Lane. Two of them were in the goodie bag from the DUST conference & one came in an issue of *bespoke*. Anyway, I found I had a frame that would suit & added some pretty paper as the background.

& then I found some little photos....every year for the last several years, I've created a calender for myself on Redbubble (mostly with my own photography). After the year is through, I cut the calender up & have a nice selection of prints to hang on my walls. I've never quite worked out what to do* with the thumbnails from the back on the calender though - until now...

I'm pretty pleased with the result & I think I'll be making another one - I have some pictures left & I hadn't finished with my 2012 calender yet when I did this, so I have all of those as well.

*I have used some as bookmarks, but I find them a bit big.


  1. This is a lovely collection.
    I like the collage of your photoes particularly.

  2. I like this! I always print a couple of sheets of smaller images so I can play with them or they are ready on hand to pop into a greeting card or letter I'm sending someone.
    your photographs are always so beautiful

  3. they look great, Vickie! so clever. :)


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