Friday, February 19, 2010

early morning light....

we've started training to run in the city-to-bay fun run (in mid September). We're getting up at 6am, so we can be ready to leave the house by 6.30. Training is five days per week & our regime is set by my younger brother - based on a training program suggested on the city-to-bay website.
Getting out of bed that early can be a challenge - especially as it's still dark. The actual training is kinda fun, but hard & tiring.
One extra benefit of all of this is getting to be out in the early morning light - it's just gorgeous & a few times I've grabbed the camera once we've gotten home & gone chasing the sunlight :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

of frogs & books...

Isn't  my frog bookmark awesome? My youngest brother made him for me late last year. He made a small series of them - my frog, a bear for mum & a cat for each of our younger sisters (you can see Kathryn's here).

& a book I read recently - The Language of Bees - the latest Mary Russell novel by Laurie R. King. I love this series, smart, fun & intriguing. Mary Russell is a modern 1920's woman, who solves mysteries & studies theology. Her partner in crime (or against crime) is none other than Sherlock Holmes....if you enjoy mysteries, I highly recommend these books :)