Monday, September 27, 2010


a few photos from my recent trip north to Quorn

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ducking & weaving...

We've spent the last few days in Adelaide - catching up with family, visiting the museum, shopping & (the main reason for the trip) running the 3km in the City-to-Bay.

After all the training it was nice to complete the run & I'm pretty sure we'll be attempting the 6km, or maybe even the full 12km, next year. I knew that there would be a lot of people, but I wasn't prepared for quite so many - the crowd was huuuuuuge (almost 31,000 apparently).

Before heading home on monday, we visited the Wittunga Botanic Garden. Haven't finished going through all the photos yet, we took a fair few. The ducks there are quite used to people (I suspect they get fed fairly often) & came quite close, perhaps hoping that our cameras would magically turn into bread.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{ gifted }

It was my birthday yesterday, so I thought I'd share some photos of my presents...

my brothers designed & drew my card - isn't it awesome?

I've been eyeing off this range of jewellery (at the Jam Factory) for ages...

^^^cute containers from Oxfam....I didn't take a photo of it on it's own, but you can sort of see the chocolate heart in the very first photo.

I also had a delicious cake & a very yummy evening meal....& I got to spend the day doing nothing much :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

random photos of food & other stuff...

After the DUST conference, I spent most of monday (until I had to head to the airport) wandering around Surfers Paradise.

This is part one - I decided to split the photos into two posts as I couldn't narrow them down enough :)

breakfast (french toast with maple syrup, strawberries & cream)...

& gelati...

more tomorrow :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunday markets...

On the Sunday of the conference those who could met in Brisbane to do some market browsing. Though it turned out to be a small group, we had lots of fun.

Andrea, Meggan & I caught the train from Surfers to Southbank & met Gaynor near the cafe's. From there, we went for a wander through the Southbank Market.

Gaynor very kindly acted as our tour guide, driving us around & making sure we didn't get lost - thanks Gaynor :)
Next we went to the Marky Markets, where we met Cloud & Ky from Voodoo Rabbit (I didn't get any photos unfortunately).

I also treated my self to two lovely brooches - the mushroom is from pannikin & the lady is from Amanda - Hungry Designs.

After that we headed to the Valley Laneway Markets - held in several different Brisbane laneways, of which we visited two. We also stopped for some lunch at the first - yummy greek spinach parcels, followed by a very nice nut-filled biscuit. We had some company too...

Last but not least, we visited in.cub8r & met the lovely Sandra - another DUST-er :)

We left Andrea at the airport & Gaynor took Meggan & I back to the train station, from where we headed back to Surfers (& I got my extra crochet lesson)