Sunday, April 25, 2010

{ hollow }

One of the many interesting things which can be done with pmc is making hollow forms. There are a couple of different methods (actually, there are probably heaps, but I know two).

I made this oval pendant using the method which I leant at the workshop  I attended last October. I started by making the frame & letting it dry, then I rolled out the front & pressed the frame into it. After filling any cracks, I set the stone & added the back.

Instead of a bail I made a hole in either side of the pendant, allowing it to hang directly on a chain. This pendant is also hand finished, following the techniques from the same workshop.

I constructed this pendant (haven't worked out what to call it yet, I guess it's a half-cylinder) using a different method. First I made the curved piece & a flat piece (slightly larger than I thought I'd need) & let them dry. Once dry, I cut the back (flat) piece to fit the curved one & joined them together.

After filling any gaps, I cut the ends (also out of the flat piece) & joined them. I made & attached the bail & spent time filling any little gaps & smoothing joins. The idea is to have a finished piece which looks solid.

I first tried this at a workshop, back in 2008.

hope that all made sense & wasn't to boring..... :)

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