Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bowerbird Bazaar { part 1 }

We had a wonderful time at the Bowerbird Bazaar on Saturday. There was so much gorgeousness to look at, lots of friendly people & very good coffee & cake. I did treat myself to a few goodies (a post on them soonish), but there were lots & lots of things I would have liked to bring home.

Between us we picked up a fair number of business cards & I love the fact that so many of them are so different & creative.

Oh, & if you're wondering why there are only photos of business cards, rather than the of bazaar - we neglected to take the camera in with us. Also, we were too busy enjoying looking around to think of taking photos. & they are a rather nice bunch of cards :)

If you're interested, there are some photos on the Bowerbird facebook page.


  1. Love that fox card!
    It's good to just enjoy without the camera sometimes

  2. Good for you - I'm all about living in the moment and sometimes letting the camera just "be".

  3. oh some great ones there!! i love collecting business cards too.

  4. I loved all the cards, as varied as the businesses :)


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